IPODOBOY main story

Two friends, survived the massive apocalypse "GLOBAL ZERO". Ipodoboy a young man, needs to play his music 24-7 for suppressing the noise around him or it can have serious repercussions. Ipodoboy made a life long promise to his friend Letsugo, in finding his sister that was going on a schooltrip to Japan, in return Letsugo promises to find the one doctor that can cure the decease of Ipodoboy. The big problem is, the world changed drastically and electricity is scarce... can they find the doctor in time?



Many years ago a giant disaster struck Earth, leaving mountains of rubble and debris. On one of those mountains lives the annoyed young man Ipodoboy in a small remote garbage shack. While waiting loyally for his friend to return, he has to deal with one serious problem; keeping his batteries of his music player charged with power, for it can have serious repercussions if he doesn’t



As Ipodoboy and Enoki are heading to Marumura Village, Enoki grieves for the death of Old Lady Shidabu, one of the tree great founders of the village. For the villagers, her death will also mean life. Because when a member of Marumura passes away, there will be place for a new member. Will Ipodoboy take this opportunity?...